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Virtual Reality

Bleeding edge tech that will knock your socks off

Sleek & Beautiful

Building the future

We're not just creating content for the future with the best game engine in the world, Unreal Engine 4. We're also contributing and building our own tech in the engine. We've been known to successfully demonstrate and adopt NVIDIA technology into our games, such as WaveWorks and VRWorks.

Sleek & Beautiful

Working with the best

Developing with the best hardware available. We're using Oculus Rift and GearVR for mobile to bring you the very best of experience possible. Wanna try it? Contact us or catch us at major VR & gaming events during the year.


We developed and published Pong VR in 2014/15 and are about to release ShowdownVR in Q3 2016 on PC with another major cross-platform VR game in the works for winter 2016.




The perception of being physically present in a non-physical world is at the core of VR, without it you're basically just strapping a controller to your head. By merging our technical knowledge and experience with the art of game design we make sure to never break your immersion. May our virtual worlds exist undisturbed.

Tech demos & blogs

To keep track of everything we're doing, follow our founder and CTO Nejc LeŇ°ek on Twitter, YouTube and blog.

Client work

We are an independent VR game developer. But if you think that you've got a kickass project that we might be interested in doing with you, make sure to contact us!